Need a Visa?

All travellers must present acceptable travel documents and identification must be presented at the border.

Some people may need a visa to enter Spain and the European Union (EU). Please check first if you need a VISA in Spain Ministry of Internal Affairs  or check with your local Spanish Embassy for the specific requirements for your country. 

We strongly suggest that you begin the process as soon as possible to avoid delays.

It is the sole responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if it is required.

The organizers will not provide financial support. 

If you need a VISA and require a letter from the Organizing Committee attesting your acceptance and registration, you can request a Visa letter during the registration process.

Please consider you will need to:

1.     Submit an abstract

2.     Have your abstract accepted

3.     Have your registration paid before the Organizing Committee can issue the letter.


If you need a VISA, we can provide you with an invitation letter upon your registration.

What documentation is required to travel to Spain?

The documentation required to travel to Spain varies according to the country of origin.

If you are a citizen of a EU country, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein, you will need a valid passport or ID card. Additionally, in the case of a minor travelling with an ID document, this must be accompanied by written permission from the parents.

If you come from another country:

The maximum stay in Spain is 90 days. There are a number of countries whose citizens are required to have a valid current visa in order to enter Spain. We are providing a list below, please consult the Spanish embassy in your country to verify. Citizens of these countries can also travel to Spain if they have a residence permit or a long-term visa issued by another country in the European Union (with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus), Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.

Citizens of all other countries must be in possession of documents which justify the object and the conditions of their stay and be in possession of sufficient economic resources for their maintenance throughout the period they are intending to remain in Spain. The documents they are required to present will vary according to the motive of the trip. You can consult them in the “Foreign Affairs” section of the Ministry of Internal Affairs website.

It is advisable to take out travel insurance for your trip.

Given that conditions may vary, we suggest you contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate to verify these requirements before you start your trip.



Important Dates

General Abstract Submission

Open in January 2021, close April15, 2021 to be considered for an Oral presentation.
Posters can be submitted up to July 15, 2021

Notice of acceptance
May 20, 2021
Registration deadline for accepted abstract presenters
July 4, 2021
August 23 to 26, 2021

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